What are the effects of sin? (In 100 words)

Answers in 100 words, why not give it a go yourself…

The apex of Sin is nihilism. In Jesus’ parable the Levite walked by, not because he did not care but because he was bound by Mosaic Law to not act. Similarly the most nihilistic in this world are those who reject this world, not because they do not care, but because they hold in esteem an eschatological end. The greatest Sin in this world is to be so blinded by your religiosity or ideology that the paining individual before you is passed over: the divorcee, the incapable, the homosexual, the evangelical, the catholic, the heretical and the atheist.

Lewis Connolly

Calvin put forward an idea which he called ‘sensus divinitatis’ or ‘sense of the divine’.  This is an idea that we each are born with the capacity to sense the divine (i.e. God).  ‘Were it not for sin and its effects, God’s presence and glory would be obvious and uncontroversial to us all’.  The effects of sin therefore are to diminish or impair this sense of God’s presence to cloud the stirrings within our hearts and minds.  The most serious consequence of sin then is not to know God at all, perhaps to reject the very idea of the supernatural.

Barney Pimentel

When we were studying at London School of Theology our Church Doctrine lecturer Prof Tony Lane set us some questions with the challenge to answer them in less than 100 words.  The idea being that we should be able to give clear succinct answers to complex questions   (Exploring Christian Doctrine by Tony Lane)


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