What is the image of God in which we are created? (In 100 words)

Answers in 100 words, why not give it a go yourself.

She looked upon Echo and loved him, not the superficial but the inexpressible within. But the pale flower lingering by the pool could not divert its egotistical gaze. If only the flower could see. If only Echo diverted his gaze, he would see love; he would see the very face of God. For God is in no mirror, God is in no pool, God is in the other, God is in the love which we show. God is in our looking out.

Lewis Connolly

The image of God could mean a number of different things.  God is relational and so we are created as relational beings that can form complex and intricate relationships with each other in His image.  The image could also be that we share characteristics that God has, like holiness, creativity, free will, reason etc.  It could also be more functional, the image of God could be the mandate that we are given in Genesis to name and rule over the fish of the sea and the animals on land like God rules over the universe.

Barney Pimentel

When we were studying at London School of Theology our Church Doctrine lecturer Prof Tony Lane set us some questions with the challenge to answer them in less than 100 words.  The idea being that we should be able to give clear succinct answers to complex questions   (Exploring Christian Doctrine by Tony Lane)


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