How did God create the universe? (In 100 words)

Answers in 100 words, why not give it a go yourself.

Our early ancestors perceived the world as pushing back at them. They marvelled at the storms above, the crops below and the cycle of death and life. They like us associated new life in particular with creativity, and love, and the possibility of the new. From the depth of our spirit, the depth of our creativity came the idea of the original act of love, in which all things were carefully crafter, the stars, and flowers, all creatures great and small, and even humanity itself. It is a poetically beautiful notion, which somehow captures a truth beyond the facts.

Lewis Connolly

Science today tells us that they think the universe started with a big bang and the scientific world builds ever bigger colliders to try and understand the very first moments of the universe.  The biggest is the Large Hadron Collider which is a massive 17 miles long!  Using this they can tell us what happens a 100th of a second after the big bang.  What they cannot ever tell us is what (or who) started the big bang.  The Bible tells us that God spoke and created the universe out of nothing, science tells us what happened next.

Barney Pimentel

Scripture tells us that God created the Universe by speaking it into being. Regardless of the debates surrounding method – both science and a correct understanding of the genre of Genesis make it pretty clear that a literal six day creation as documented in Genesis is unlikely – the base line is that what exists, only does so because God spoke it into existence. This takes nothing away from the creative power of God, but understands that the truth that God spoke the Universe into existence out of nothing is not dependent on a specific order or timescale of events.

Tim Goodall

When we were studying at London School of Theology our Church Doctrine lecturer Prof Tony Lane set us some questions with the challenge to answer them in less than 100 words.  The idea being that we should be able to give clear succinct answers to complex questions   (Exploring Christian Doctrine by Tony Lane)


2 thoughts on “How did God create the universe? (In 100 words)

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  2. The Void and God was “ONE”, without Beginning/end.

    The Divine Spirit moved and with the “Movement” became conscious of itself as “I Am that I Am”.

    The Universe as we Know and don’t Know, with All existing Life forms, existed within Itself,
    as an idea takes shape in our mind, (our soul is like a ray from the Sun) so much more powerful
    are the Ideas, Imagination, Creativity of the Source, that All of Life was aware of its own
    Individuality, before being Manifest. (the Interior Universe).

    The Souls and Life forms, wished to “BE”, exteriorized, to experiece Individuality.
    Such was also the will of the Creator, who sought the means to bring about this event.
    When the answer came, there was an explosion of unimaginable proportion, “Big Bang”
    Where all the elements raced forth to form Stars, Suns with planets, Galaxies.

    The “portion” of Divine Spirit which conceived the “Creation”, became the Creation.
    Consciousness made a “Leap” (vibration slowing down) into becoming “Matter”, to experience Individuality in all it’s forms.

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